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Contribution Guidelines

Our Community Philosophy

At Northrim, we take an active part in building the communities we serve. Improving the economic vitality and quality of life where we do business is in the best interest of our customers, our employees, our company and our industry. We are committed to sharing our time, talents, and other resources to meet community needs.

Employee Involvement

We actively recruit employees to take part in a variety of community activities, and we provide community volunteer opportunities during work hours. Employees are encouraged to serve in leadership roles with nonprofit organizations and to share their expertise in the community.

Our Contributions Focus

There are many worthwhile organizations working in Alaska; however, we cannot fund them all. We focus our giving so we can make meaningful contributions, measure the results of our contributions, and work more closely with the organizations we support. Our focus areas are:

  • Community and economic development
  • Programs to strengthen low income families
  • Higher education through the State of Alaska Education Tax Credit Program

We accept proposals for funding within the first two focus areas from nonprofit organizations operating in Alaska. Proposals received during our annual budgeting process have the best opportunity to be considered for funding. Our contributions for higher education are made directly to Alaska's universities, and we do not accept proposals in that focus area from other organizations.

The Annual Budget Process

Each October, we begin the process of developing the next year's contributions budget. The proposed budget is based on (1) continuing contributions to organizations and programs with measurable positive results, (2) Northrim officer recommendations, and (3) new requests that meet our contributions focus areas. The contributions budget is generally approved in the first quarter of the year. We make very few contributions outside of the approved budget.

Requesting a Contribution from Northrim Bank

Our Marketing Manager coordinates all contributions so we can ensure that requests meet our strategic goals, maximize the value of our contribution dollars, and document each contribution for tax and planning purposes.

All requests must be made in writing and include our Donation Cover Sheet. We regret that we cannot respond to telephone requests, or to generic ("Dear Friends") requests not specifically addressed to Northrim Bank. The deadline for applying for a contribution is October 31 of each year for the following year's budget.

All requests should be addressed to:

Jay Blury 
VP, Marketing and Communications Director
Northrim Bank
3111 C Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

If you have questions about our contributions policies, or want to discuss how your organization's programs fit our contributions focus, you can call Jay at (907) 261-3355, or email

Contributions We Do Not Make

In general, we do not make the following types of contributions:

  • Contributions to organizations or programs outside of our market areas
  • Contributions to or pledges on behalf of individuals
  • Contributions to religious organizations for religious activities
  • Contributions to health-related programs or organizations
  • Contributions for the arts
  • Contributions to sports teams, programs or events
  • Contributions to individual schools
  • Funding for travel
  • Underwriting or sponsorship of fundraising events


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