Certificates of Deposit


Jump-Up CD Special Rates


These simple, low-risk investments provide a higher return than traditional savings accounts and can be opened with $2,500.


  • 11-month CD at 3.70% Annual Percentage Yield*
  • 23-month CD at 4.00% Annual Percentage Yield*

Plus, you can increase your interest rate when rates rise and make additional deposits.

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Visit your local branch or call us today with questions or to open your account. 


*Rates effective December 1, 2022 and can be subject to change weekly. You can check current rates here.

CD Options

In addition to the CD options below, we also offer IntraFi® Network Deposits℠ for customers looking to invest large sums of money – with FDIC insurance eligibility.

Features Jump-Up CD Certificates of Deposit Alaska CD
Description Option to increase earnings when interest rates rise Regular terms from 30 days to 5 years For higher balances with added flexibility, like a savings account
Minimum opening deposit $500 $500 $10,000
Terms1 1-3 years 30 days-5 years No maturity date or specified term
Interest Yes  View Rates Yes  View Rates Yes  View Rates
Additional deposits allowed Yes2 No Yes
Limited withdrawals allowed No No Yes3
Additional benefits Option to jump interest rate once on a 12-month term and twice on terms of 18 months or more No Customers with a Loyalty Club account, Business Analysis account or a Flex Checking account in the Power or President’s Club tier may qualify for a bonus interest rate on the Alaska CD.
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1On regular Certificates of Deposit and Jump-Up CDs: Automatically renews at maturity for the same term at the prevailing rate, unless we notify you otherwise. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. No withdrawal penalty during 10-day grace period following maturity. For regular Certificates of Deposit no interest is paid on balances below $500 minimum.

2 You are limited from making a deposit more often than every seven days, and not during the first or last seven days of the CD term.

3 Excess withdrawal fees for Alaska CDs: More than one debit per quarter is $100 each. Total withdrawals in a calendar quarter exceeding $500,000 is $100 per quarter. Withdrawal before end of quarter may result in loss of accrued interest. Maximum investment $5 million per customer.

Refer to Northrim's Personal Fee Schedule for more details on service fees.

For specific account details, terms, and conditions, see the Terms and Conditions document.

IntraFi® Network Deposits℠

If you're looking to invest large sums of money with FDIC insurance, the IntraFI Network Deposits CD option may be the perfect solution for you. 

With this CD option, you can access FDIC protection on multi-million-dollar investments, while earning returns on your deposit. It can be a valuable cash management or long-term investment tool for businesses, non-profit organizations, public unions and IRAs. 

Benefits of the IntraFI Network Deposits CD option include:



Multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance coverage for your deposited funds.



Work directly with Northrim. Earn one interest rate per maturity, and receive one regular statement and one year-end tax form.

Community Investment

Community Investment

The full value of your money can support lending opportunities in your local community.1

CD Rates

CD Rates

Your money earns CD returns, which may compare favorably with other investment alternatives, including Treasuries, and money market funds.

1 This benefit applies to some, but not all types of IntraFI Network Deposits transactions. Let us know if this benefit is important to you, so that we can explain the relevant terms and conditions in more detail.