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Certificates of Deposit

Northrim offers smart solutions to help you make the most of your savings funds.

How much do I need to deposit to open the account? $500 $500 $10,000
What are the CD term options? 1 - 3 Years
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30 Days - 5 Years
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No maturity date or specified term
Does this account earn interest? Yes
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Can I make additional deposits? Yes No Yes
Can I make penalty-free withdrawals prior to maturity? No No Yes - Refer to information below.
Are there additional benefits that come with this account? Option to jump your interest rate once on a 12-month term and twice on terms of 18 months or more   Option to upgrade to a Bonus Rate Alaska CD if you have a Business Analysis checking account

Understand Your Account

We want to cover all the bases and ensure you understand your new account 100%

  • On Jump-Up CDs: You are limited from making a deposit more often than every seven days, and not during the first or last seven days of your CD term
  • On Regular and Jump-Up CDs: Automatically renews at maturity for the same term at the prevailing rate, unless we notify you otherwise. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. No withdrawal penalty during 10 day grace period following maturity. No interest paid on balances below $500 minimum.
  • On Alaska CDs: Withdrawal before end of quarter may result in loss of accrued interest. Maximum investment $5 million per customer.
  • Excess withdrawal fees for Alaska CDs: More than one debit per quarter $100 each. Total withdrawals in a calendar quarter exceeding $500,000 is $100 per quarter.
  • The Northrim Bank Deposit Account Agreement, Disclosures, Rules and Regulations and Rules and Regulations Governing Certificates of Deposits (CDs) apply to your new account. Refer to Northrim´┐Żs Business Fee Schedule for more details on other service fees.

    CDARS®, the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry

    If you're looking to invest large sums of money– with FDIC insurance eligibility – CDARS® may be the perfect solution for you. With CDARS, you can access FDIC protection on multi-million-dollar investments, while earning returns. Find out more about CDARS.

Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender

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