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Planning to Travel?

We want your next trip to be as hassle free as possible.

At Northrim Bank we are serious about keeping you safe from debit card fraud. As part of this effort, we may block transactions from specific states, regions or countries due to fraudulent activity trends. See the chart below for current blocked areas.

To avoid uninterrupted service with your Northrim Bank Business Debit Card due to blocked transactions, please notify us at least one business day prior to your departure. Notifying Northrim will help ensure your check card purchases are not blocked by our fraud monitoring systems in most cases. Without notification of travel, we may block usage of your check card when suspicious transactions or transactions in blocked areas are identified.

To notify us of your travel plans, please do one of the following:

  • Email the following information to
    • The last eight digits of your card number*
    • The first and last name of the cardholder
    • Dates and destinations of travel
  • Contact our Customer Service Center at 562-0062 or toll-free at 800-478-2265

*Do not include your entire card number, account number, or any other pesonal information as the email is unencrypted.

Current Blocked Areas  
Countries States

International E-commerce - over $200 (excludes Canada and Mexico)

Africa - Signature over $100

Arab Emirates – Signature and PIN 

Brazil - Signature and PIN over $400

East/South Europe - Signature and PIN over $500 (Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Malta, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Gibraltar)

Great Britain - All Transactions

India - All transactions

Italy - All transactions

Libya - All transactions

Romania - ATM

South Korea - Internet media transactions

Spain - Signature over $500

Thailand - All Transactions

Ukraine - All Transactions

Alabama - signature over $150

Arizona - grocery store over $150 (PIN transactions also blocked)

California - social networking (does not affect business check cards)

DC - signature only / only BIN 4788453

Florida - signature over $150

Georgia - signature over $150

Illinois - video rental over $50

Maryland - signature only / only BIN 4788453

New Jersey - signature only / only BIN 4788453

New York - signature only / only BIN 4788453

Pennsylvania - signature only / only BIN 4788453

South Carolina - signature over $150

Texas - signature only / only BIN 4788453

Virginia - signature only / only BIN 4788453

West Virginia - signature only / only BIN 4788453 

Hobby Toy & Game Shops - signature only / only BIN 4788453

EM Air is blocked coming out of all states and all countries

Additional Tips to Protect Your Money

  • Travel with more than one form of payment
  • Monitor your account and track activity with Business Online and Mobile Banking. The earlier a problem is detected, the less risk you are exposed to. Don’t have Business Online Banking? Sign up today!

For more detailed information regarding electronic transactions refer to our Electronic Banking Rules and Regulations.

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