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Online Banking Security Upgrade

Northrim’s Personal Online Banking platform was upgraded the evening of July 23 to provide a more secure, more intuitive online experience. Now, with improved functionality and the latest security technology, Online Banking is better than ever before!

You can expect two main changes with this upgrade:

  • A more secure login process, which will require you to enter your phone number or email address to receive one-time verification access codes (learn more about the new login process)
  • Minor changes to the navigation and functionality of Online Banking (learn more about these changes) 


NEW Login Process

At Northrim Bank, we are committed to keeping your money safe while providing you with easy access to your accounts. With the continued growth of online banking, there are increased needs for greater security standards to keep you and your money well protected.


Northrim Online Banking has always made use of multi-layer security, with challenge questions adding the back-up layer to your username and password when you log in from a new or unregistered computer. With fraud and identity theft on the rise, we are improving our security standards to make it even safer for you to monitor and manage your money while safeguarding against unauthorized access to your accounts.

With this update, we are replacing the challenge question layer with an enhanced security layer that is validated outside of Online Banking via your phone or email. Instead of answering a challenge question, you will receive a one-time verification code when logging in from an unregistered computer or mobile device. This verification code will be sent to your phone via voice call, text message or email. Receiving the verification code outside of online banking helps prevent information from being captured by a virus or malware and mitigates the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Please review the steps below to prepare for the new security upgrade. You will be required to complete these steps the first time you log in to Northrim Online Banking from a computer or mobile device after July 23. You will experience similar steps if you log in to Online Banking via your mobile device. If you would like more information on these changes or have any questions, please review our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our Customer Service Center

STEP 1: Username and Password Verification

The first time you log in to Online Banking after the upgrade, the system will examine your login credentials (username and password) and will require you to update anything that does not meet the requirements listed below. If your username and password already meets the requirements you will move to Step 2.


Username Requirements Password Requirements
  • Must be between 6 and 20 characters
  • Must contain at least one letter
  • Can contain numbers and/or these special characters: @$*_-=.!~
  • Cannot contain spaces
  • Must be between 8 and 32 characters
  • Must contain characters from two of the following categories:
    - Letters
    - Numbers
    - Special Characters
  • Cannot contain spaces
  • Cannot be a substring of the username


STEP 2: Enter Your Phone Number or Email Address

After your login credentials are verified, you will be asked to enter up to two phone numbers and one email at which to receive one-time verification access codes. You will have the option to receive your access codes by automated voice call, email or text message if you have a text-enabled mobile device.


If you would like to add a second phone number at which to receive access codes, click Add another number.

STEP 3: Verify Your Phone or Email

For Text
To receive verification codes via text message select the Send me a text option in Step 2, an overlay box will appear, and a verification code will be sent to your cell phone via text message. Once the code is received, enter it in the box provided and click Submit. This phone number will now be enabled to receive verification codes via text message. 


For Voice Call
To receive verification codes via voice call select the Use voice call option in Step 2 and click Next Step. A new window will appear, click the Call me option next to your phone number. A verification code will be sent to your phone via voice call. You will need to press “#” to hear the code. Ender the code in the box provided. 



For Email

To recieve verification codes via email, click the I cannot use a phone to verify my identity link. A new box will appear asking you to confirm the email address currently on file or enter a new email address. Click Next Step to verify your email address. 

STEP 4: Complete the Verification Process

Now that you have verified your phone or email, you are registered for the new security service. To avoid going through the verification process every time you log in to Online Banking on the computer you are currently using, click Yes. Register this computer on the screen below.

Going forward, you will only be asked to enter a verification code when you log in to an unregistered computer or mobile device. You may register as many computers and mobile devices as you wish. Once a computer or mobile device is registered, you will not need to enter an access code at future logins from that device unless you delete your cookies. You should only register devices that are non-public and will be used regularly to access Northrim Online Banking.


NEW Navigation and Functionality Changes

The main Online Banking navigation and functionality will remain the same with a few updates listed below.

Navigation Changes

  • Account History & History Search: The Account History and History Search links will no longer appear under the My Accounts tab. To access your history and search transactions click on the specific account in the My Accounts section on the homepage.
  • Account Summary: The Account Summary link will no longer appear under the My Accounts tab. Your Account Summary will be displayed on the homepage of Online Banking or by clicking on the My Accounts tab.
  • Online Statements: Online Statements will now have its own main navigation tab and will no longer be under My Accounts.
  • Export: The Export link will no longer appear under the Additional Services tab. To export account information click on the specific account in the My Accounts section on the homepage and click the Export link in the top right.
  • Email Address & Account Nickname: To change your email address and account nicknames go to My Profile and click on the User Options link.

Functionality Changes

  • Timeout Settings: You will no longer be able to change your timeout settings for Online Banking. You will now be logged out of Online Banking after ten minutes of inactivity. To prevent users from unintentionally logging out, a timeout warning message will appear approximately one minute before your session times out allowing you to renew your session and remain logged in.

  • Security Settings (Unregister Device): If you previously registered a device in the new security service and would like to unregister it, please call our Customer Service Center. Once you unregister a device you will be required to enter your password and a verification code the next time you log in to Online Banking from that device. In a future upgrade, you will have the ability to unregister devices yourself within Online Banking.
  • Forgotten Password: If you forget your password, you can click the Forgot Password link on the homepage or Online Banking login screen. We will then ask you to enter one of the phone numbers provided in Step 2 of the security upgrade process. A new password will be sent to your phone via voice call or text message. 

  • Web Browser Requirements: Our new Online Banking platform has been designed using modern web technologies in order to deliver a visually rich experience while providing you with quick and easy access to your accounts. Below is a list of supported browsers:
         • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
         • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
         • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
         • Google Chrome
         • Apple Safari


Need Assistance?
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions or would like us to guide you through the new security process, please contact our Customer Service Center.



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