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Planning to Travel?

We want your next trip to be as hassle free as possible.

At Northrim Bank we are serious about keeping you safe from debit card fraud. As part of this effort, we may block transactions from specific states, regions or countries due to fraudulent activity trends. Some transactions may be blocked when traveling to these areas of higher risk or require a PIN be entered to be completed. Fraud trends change rapidly and we work to ensure your card information is secure with multiple layers of monitoring, travel notices and exemptions.

Activity outside of your normal spending habits along with current fraud trends may trigger a block on your card that requires you contact us in order to resolve. Although this can be inconvenient at times, these standards are in place to help protect your funds from increasingly sophisticated digital thieves. In order to minimize the inconvenience of these card blocks while traveling, please notify us of your plans at least one business day before departure.

To notify us of your travel plans, please do one of the following:

  • Email the following information to
    • The last four digits of your card number*
    • The first and last name of the cardholder
    • Dates and destinations of travel

- or -

*Do not include your entire card number, account number, or any other personal information as the email may be unencrypted.

Additional Tips for Hassle Free Travel

  • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date and you have notified us of your travel plans
  • If you experience a transaction decline, Contact Us immediately so that we may remedy the issue
  • If you receive a call from our fraud team, respond quickly to the phone number provided or contact Northrim at 562-0062 or toll-free at 800-478-2265
  • Keep fraud reporting and customer service contact information with you in a safe place away from your wallet or handbag
  • Do NOT share your PIN with anyone - we will never ask you for your PIN in order to verify who you are or whether a transaction is valid
  • Check your available balances consistently and notify us of any suspicious activity
  • Have at least two forms of payment with you at all times

For more detailed information regarding electronic transactions refer to our Electronic Banking Rules and Regulations.


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